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Video Fitness has been featured in many major newspapers, numerous fitness and women's magazines, as well as on CNN and Lifetime TV. Read what others have been saying about us.

Video Fitness was included in PC Magazine's November 2000 article on the Top 100 Web sites

Finally! Fitness videos reviewed and rated. Here's a Web site that separates the best from the workout worst. Need a fitness-video reality check? ...get evaluations of every workout tape imaginable by people who have actually road-tested them. The site organizes reviews by workout (yoga, aerobics, step), trainer and level. Some critics may rave about a video's funky music or diss the instructor's chipmunk enthusiasm; others give grades and a play-by-play analysis of the workout. (Glamour, May, 1999)
Yahoo Internet Life
4 stars

The reviews at VIDEO FITNESS are a godsend for any home-workout enthusiast who has ever bought an exercise video only to find that it didn't work as well as anticipated...Other useful features at this site include a video exchange and a personal video selector to help you find the best tape for your needs. (November 1998)

Looking for a great exercise video buy can't decided which title to buy? Then be sure to check out Video Fitness. This consumers' guide to exercise videos hosts hundreds of fitness video reviews submitted by people who exercise at home...Find out which instructors are popular, chat with fellow video buffs in the reader forum or trade up at the video exchange. Let personal opinions be your guide to the perfect video.
Oxygen Magazine
Jan/Feb. 1998
Yahoo Internet Life
4 stars

Respected fitness expert Karen Voight names Video Fitness one of "THE BEST" health and fitness sites on the Web. (November 1997)
"You can't tell a fitness video by its cover. Which is why you might want to drop by Video Fitness before you plunk down some good money for one." (November 11, 1997) USA TODAY AWARD
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"With so many celebrities and fitness gurus plying their personal exercise videos, how does a home fitness rookie make an intelligent selection? That's easy. At the Video Fitness site, curious consumers can take advantage of other people's experiments in the field and purchase tapes with more confidence."
"Sometimes critics of the Web assume that just because you're interactive, you're not active; in other words, because you sit and surf, you don't get up and exercise. Video Fitness helps to put the lie to that notion in two ways. First, it provides an excellent resource to sift through the sweat and strain to find just the right fitness video for you. Second, it introduces you to the team of reviewers, all Netheads, all fitness buffs...the site brings Net democracy to each subject by allowing you to give your own review of the video." Incredibly Useful Site of the Day
Fitness Partner Connection Champion Website "If you're looking for a place to take the guesswork out of selecting a fitness video, pay this website a visit. "
"If you like "Sweatin' to the Oldies" or any other excercise video, you'll love the Video Fitness: Consumer Guide to Fitness Videos. They have reviews done by real live people who actually workout to videos in the comfort of their own Iron Man-free homes. They have a chat forum for those low impact days when you can't quite get the VCR going, and lots of general information about getting the right video tapes for your excersising needs. Check it out, you may even find yourself wanting to join the fun." (Aug. 1997) Canada's NetReader
Los Angeles Times
August 18, 1997.
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