Video Fitness

Zen Stretch

Hilary Burnett

Weird is the word for this one. Itís a short stretch tape (about 15 minutes) that Hilary Burnett describes as a blend of Pilates, yoga, and modern dance. It would be fine except for the weird (thereís that word again) transitions. You will be in some stretch, and then youíre supposed to very suddenly move into something different. This is probably one of those things you have to see to know what Iím talking about, but you sort of ďsnapĒ from one position to another. And, of course, you donít know the change is coming unless youíve done the tape frequently, so youíre always a little behind. I suppose she was trying to be creative with the choreography, but it doesnít suit me at all.

Annie S.

I had very high hopes for this tape- high enough to pay $12.95 even though it was less than 15 minutes long. I was very disappointed- it's supposed to be a fusion of dance, Pilates and yoga with "hybrid vitality", but it felt choppy instead of smooth. I happily traded it away.

Deb (aka dnk)