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Step Four: Get the right gear

Choosing a Step Height

Choreography has a tremendous impact on workout intensity, but step height will also dramatically affect how challenging a video may be. If you have no step experience, begin with a 4" step (no risers) and work your way up if you desire.

Higher is not always better, though! Step Reebok, which has done much of the current research into step safety and effectiveness, has established guidelines for choosing a step height. Thanks to Larry DeLuca for the following information.

As of 1994, Step Reebok suggested platform heights of between 4 and 10 inches, depending on level of proficiency and aerobic fitness, as follows:

4" An individual who has not taken part in a regular exercise program for some time
up to 6" A regular exerciser who has never performed step training
up to 8" A regular step trainer
up to 10" A skilled and regular step trainer

Reebok has also added the following provisos:

  • Regardless of the level of fitness, do not allow participants to select a platform height that allows the knee to flex more than 90 degrees when the knee is weight bearing. It is preferable that the knee does not flex more than 60 degrees when it is weight bearing.
  • Participants should use the lowest platform height that will provide a training effect that will meet their exercise goals.

Many of our community members, particularly those 5'3" and shorter, never use a step higher than 6 inches.

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