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Step Nine: Evaluate your progress, reevaluate your program and goals

First, give yourself time. It may take 2-3 months of consistent exercise before you notice many physical changes. Remember that the number on the scale doesn't tell the whole picture. You may already see changes in the mirror, but if not, you are likely to find concrete evidence of your improved health.

Look at the goals you set. Have you achieved some or all of your performance goals? If you are doing well and your videos aren't challenging you anymore, think about selecting some new ones to help you achieve new goals.

How do your clothes fit? Improvements in body composition are not always evident when you step on your scale. You are likely to notice that your clothes fit better or differently before you see a dramatic weight loss.

Are you sleeping better? Are you less stressed? Do you have more endurance for your daily, routine activities? Do you feel better about yourself? Any of these can have a positive impact on your daily life.

Above all, focus on what your body can do that it couldn't do before. THAT is real progress, and a clear indicator that you are making a significant improvement in your health.

Go back to step five and to step six if you want to set some new goals and/or plan a new video rotation.

Step Ten: Keep coming to Video Fitness