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Step Eight: Stay motivated

Let our community members help you! We have a number of resources to keep you motivated. Our mentor program tries to match you with a fitness video veteran who can help cheer you on, answer questions, and make video recommendations.

The Reader Forum is a goldmine of motivation. There you will find a forum called Getting Started with Videos, where you can ask questions or get personalized video recommendations. You might also consider joining a checkin--these checkins help VFers be accountable to themselves and each other about what workouts they did the previous week. We have a Beginners Checkin especially for novices, but you may find another checkin to be a better fit for you.

In addition to resources here at VF, there are other ways to stay motivated--some keep a workout log so they can look back at how far they've come and how many days they have exercised. Others find electronic gadgets like heart rate monitors and pedometers very motivating.

Step Nine: Reevaluate your program and goals