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Step One: are videos for you?


They are inexpensive.
You mean you DON'T want to pay hundreds of dollars per year for a health club? Perhaps your budget can't handle one of those club-quality home treadmills?...For less than the cost of most one year health club memberships, you can get a high quality step bench, several pairs of dumbells, aerobic shoes, and a nice collection of exercise videos, which generally cost between $10-25 each. When next year rolls around, you'll still have your equipment and your videos (you should probably replace the shoes, though, if you haven't by then!)

There are many excellent videos on the market, so there's something to suit everyone's style and fitness level. Power step workouts, funky floor routines, heavy duty iron pumping, kickboxing, tai chi, yoga--they're all available on video.

Excellent instruction.
Many (though not all) video instructors are terrific teachers with years of experience. Advanced exercisers might even find more challenging routines on video than at their local club.

Weather or Darkness won't preempt your workout.
Let it rain, snow, sleet or hail! If you are primarily a runner, walker, inline skater or cyclist, video aerobics can be a great cross-training activity when the streets are icy or when the heat index is too high. No catcalls from men in pickup trucks, either.

Overweight or out of shape exercisers (and some skinny, fit ones, too) may feel self-conscious at a gym. Put on that ratty ol' T-shirt, pop in a video, and sweat your heart out. Oh, and nobody in a video will ever comment on how you look in Lycra Spandex!

Sometimes it's just easier to pop a tape in the VCR than to drive to a gym. Many of us would never exercise regularly if we had to get in a car and fight traffic to do it. Slide that tape into your VCR and convince yourself to do the warm up--you'll probably continue through to the end.

You can rewind.
If you have two left feet, a screaming child in the room, or really like part of a routine, you can always rewind the tape. Just remember to keep moving while rewinding to keep your heart rate up.